HOC 40

  • The HOC 40 features a 240mm long, 45mm thick COPPER Radiator.
  • The use of High Performance, Medium Noise Fans ensures the Best Heat Transfer.
  • The Low Profile Pump allows for installation of thicker Fans like the Delta’s.
  • The Pump includes Micro-Channel Copper Cold Plate which comes pre-applied with TIM.
  •  The Entire System is Factory Sealed to ensure Leakage Free Operation and Zero Maintenance.
  • The HOC 40 employs a Technology called “CnG CONNECT

    5 Years Warranty




  • Radiator Material : Copper
  • Radiator Dimensions : 276mm x 120mm x 45mm
  • Fan Dimensions : 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
  • Fan Speed : 2100RPM
  • Fan Bearing : Magnetic Levitation Bearing
  • Fan Airflow : 86CFM
  • Fan Noise : 31.5dBA
  • Case Compatibility : The HOC 40 requires a case with two 120mm Fan mounts at the top with a spacing of 15mm between them. (In some smaller cases it may be required to install the fans outside the case)
  • Compatibility :
    • INTEL : LGA 775, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011
    • AMD : AM2, AM3, FM1
Its really nice to see the HOC20 & HOC40 rubbing shoulders with the established coolers like Corsair units, and equaling and beating them in every case. What can i say that I haven’t mentioned already, as these coolers live up to their promise and certainly deliver the goods (Temperatures). Its seems David has slayed Goliath afterall. I have no qualms in using these coolers in my system and would recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a simple Ready-Made Water Cooling Kit for their systems.

After looking at the performance results, we can easily say that SVG Tech has a decent line up of water cooling kits. HOC20 can easily compete with even the best closed loop kits from Corsair and when matched with high RPM fans was able to beat even Corsair H100 which has a 240mm radiator compared to the 120mm radiator of the HOC20. This in unmatched performance and value we would say.

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